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Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout Pure has everything I hoped for: Alex is full of life recklessness and heart. I loved watching her grow & hated seeing lose another loved one.I started liking Seth in Pure, it was great getting to watch him with Alex and seeing her treat him as a regular Half Blood and not the Apollyon.Loved the nicknames they have for each other and was surprised at how their relationship developed. Not too sure of Seth's (what is his middle name by the way?) intentions after reading chapter 1 of Deity. Aiden proves again he why he is the man for Alex. He makes the tough decisions even when he knows they will hurt them both. You cant resent him for that b'cos he wants Alex to live life to the fullest. He wont jeopardize her future for a few hours of pleasure. If you didnt love him already you will fall for over again while reading Pure. what Aiden does for Alex all thro Pure and especially at the last chapter will make you wish it was October and you were reading Deity.