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Shadows - Jennifer L. Armentrout Dawson Black & was Bethany Williams are the cutest couple!!! I just adore them together. I loved watching them meet and fall for each other. I really want an happy ending for them.I also wanted Shadows to be a lot longer b'cos Dawson & Bethany are the kind of stress free couple I love reading about.You really forget what Dawson is most of the time and just want to enjoy him falling in love.Daemon is a jerk at times. I get he is protective of his family but he was wrong in blaming Bethany for what happened (and being a big jerk to Kat in Obsidian as a result). still, The series is good and Im gonna re-read Obsidian b'cos Dee was much more annoying the first time I read it. i wanna see if i change my mind about her.